The design and manufacture of molds demanding challenge the FORM ACTION and human potential.

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FORM ACTION company leader in the field of molds.

There was a significant increase in the FORM ACTION recent years as its current form finds new privately owned premises in Industrial & commercial zones Thessaloniki. The company occupies an area of ​​1000 sq.m. in a building that has nothing to envy of a modern industrial construction. The facilities consist of premises and plant. The staff is ready to serve you for any information. The design team, with the expertise and experience that has created and presents the future your product in no time. The venue construction and testing of molds has all standard production.

The result of all these was the ending of the long process of Angel Koniari, who creates and manufactures molds since 1973. Today FORM ACTION has the potential of people with the appropriate expertise, capable, in conjunction with the latest technology machines to give customers great quality products compared to the competition. Concrete molds that meet the stringent requirements set by the client but also the European Union.

The target

The FORM ACTION is a company designed to develop in Greek and global level based on...

• Create products apart from the perfect look, we provide the customer with the ability to quickly output without flaws.
• Leader in the field of molds
• Upward path anpaptyxis
• Continued investment in human resources and the latest technology
• Integrated support services
• Penetration into the world market

The design and manufacture of molds demanding challenge the FORM ACTION and manpower tiss..